Operate Cancer Screening from Bengaluru

Overall objective of this project is to implement a low-cost, scalable framework and infrastructure for early detection of cancer in Karnataka, with specific focus on the poor and needy. ICS had setup a centre in Bengaluru, in 2015-16, from where it has been planning and operating Early Cancer Detection Camps in Bengaluru and Rural Karnataka.
In 2017-18 we plan to double the number of cancer screening camps, most of them will be in Rural Karnataka. During this year we will

  • set up and start cancer detection operations in at least one rural district that is further away from Bangalore; camps will be managed and run locally
  • establish arrangement with additional cancer hospitals, independent doctors and diagnostic facilities
  • recruit / contract medical and nursing staff to run independent cancer detection camps
  • continue to build a larger team of trained volunteers for cancer detection camps.