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Facing a dreaded disease, he is distraught. While he is financially sound, has a son who is self-sufficient, is able to support his treatment and take care of his needs, a daughter who is married, an old mother at home is the reason of all his worry. He cannot fathom

During one of ICS’s Emotional Support Group (ESG) counselling sessions, I met another volunteer – a charming young girl in her mid- twenties. During the introduction I found out that she was a Cancer survivor. She greeted me with a broad smile and I noticed the twinkle in her eyes.

Mid of September 2017, was my first volunteering session with ICS’s Emotional Support Group at Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road. As we went visiting the Cancer patients in the Day Care ward, I was overwhelmed by the problems of the patients. Very rarely the patients complained about the pain of

In the 21st century, where people’s compassion is consumed within themselves, we celebrated World Compassion Day on a different note. On 10th May, which is World Compassion Day, six counselors (Mili Chakraborty, Aditi Roy, Jyoti Mittal, Lipika Phani, Manjula and Supriti Ghosh ) of Emotional Support Group of Indian Cancer

Last year (2016), Indian Cancer Society, Bangalore (ICS), in partnership with Bangalore Little Theatre (BLT) raised funds to support children with cancer with its blockbuster production – “Maya Bazaar”. Students from many schools supported the cause. They came in large numbers to watch the play, made posters and held Anti-Smoking

KAMLESH, ICS VOLUNTEER Initially when I heard about the Cancer Detection Camps conducted by ICS, I was bit apprehensive about volunteering and contributing to this great cause. As time passed, I realized every camp was a great learning opportunity and an amazing experience. I get to meet people at different

ICS, Indian Cancer Society, Bangalore has been a forerunner in launching campaigns for cancer awareness, cancer detection, and emotional support in Bangalore and Karnataka. Recently ICS, BLT (Bangalore Little Theatre), Amar Chitra Katha and The Hindu joined hands to host a family entertaining play “Maya Bazaar” across auditoriums in Bangalore.