What we do

Indian Cancer Society (ICS) is a not-for-profit Community based Health Society dedicated to eliminating Cancer as a major health challenge. It operates through a community of volunteers and, has been fighting cancer across Karnataka. The extent of help required is phenomenal. The Society is entirely dependent on public support to carry out its activities which include

  • create awareness across Karnataka so that certain types of cancer can be prevented and when it occurs, it is detected at an early stage
  • detect cancer at an early stage at its cancer detection centre and at detection camps; specifically focusing on the needy and low-income groups
  • provide counselling and emotional support to cancer patients, their families and care-givers.

Cancer Awareness

Over a million people, in India, are being diagnosed with cancer every year. These numbers continue to increase and is likely to cross 1.15 million by 2020. About a third of most common cancers can be prevented through healthy diet, healthy weight, regular physical activity and no smoking / use of tobacco. With advances made in the medical field, many types of cancer can now be treated if the cancer is detected in the early stage. Unfortunately most cancer patients in India, consult a doctor at a stage when chances of recovery is remote.

Indian Cancer Society, Karnataka, has been conducting Cancer Awareness Sessions with the objective to reduce cancer instances and mortality rate through prevention and early detection. The session is organized for 60 minutes. Topics that are covered include the following:

  • What is Cancer?
  • Who can get affected?
  • What are the Risk Factors?
  • What are the signs and symptoms?
  • How can we prevent it?
  • How can we detect it early?

We would like to conduct a Cancer Awareness sessions for your organization/ institute/ community / village. We strongly believe that the cancer mortality rate, in India, can be reduced with your support in increasing the level of awareness

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a Cancer Awareness Session.

Early Cancer Detection

ICS believes that in most cases “Cancer is curable when detected early”. A significant percentage of these incidences and associated mortality can be prevented. ICS has been conducting Cancer Detection Camps in Bengaluru and Rural Karnataka. On an average 150 people are screened at each camp. Focus is on early detection of Breast, Cervical, Oral and Lung Cancer.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a Cancer Detection Camp.

Emotional Support for people affected by cancer

In India, it is the family that provides emotional support in sickness and health. A diagnosis of cancer, with its emotional toll on cancer patient and family alike, demands an additional support system offering information and understanding.

ICS has a team of trained counsellors, which includes cancer survivors and care givers. They provide emotional support to cancer patients and care-givers and equips them to tide over the difficult times in their fight against cancer.

Counselling service offered includes:

  • individual one-to-one sessions with the cancer patient
  • sessions together with cancer patient’s partner, relative or caregiver
  • telephone-based sessions if the cancer patient is unable to attend
  • What are the signs and symptoms?
  • session at cancer patients home if they are unable to attend

Please contact us if you would like to talk to someone from the Emotional Support team.

Palliative Care

In a joint initiative with Rotary Bangalore, Indiranagar, Indian Cancer Society (ICS), Karnataka Branch setup Karunashraya, Bangalore Hospice Trust in 1994. Karunashraya helps patients live without pain, and in dignity and peace till their journey’s end. It has provided critical palliative care to about 18,000 patients so far, free of charge. This is an independent Public Charitable Trust.

Karunshraya’s Website